Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Information

  • Condition - Refurbished

    The Cylinder and Tower (Original) Mac Pro's are pre-owned. They arrive to our facility in functional condition from professional environments.

    We acquire our Mac Pro’s from educational and government facilities, as well as larger corporate post production companies. We frequently get the question, “How do you get this many Mac Pro’s” or “Why do these companies sell these systems?”

    1. These entities typically replace their workstations every two to four years. The replacement of the systems is within their budget, so they must do it. Also, the purchase of new systems provides them with tax benefits. Some companies actually lease the systems from Apple or a third party company.

    2. Some of the larger post production companies purchase a set of workstations for one job. Once the job is complete after 6 months or a year, they sell the extra systems. This is common with the Mac Pro cylinders.
  • Condition - Chassis

    Tower (Original):
    The Apple Mac Pro towers are no longer in production by Apple, so it's not possible to find them in new condition. Cosmetically, the units are in good condition. Our vendors know that we are paranoid about the cosmetic condition we acquire. They know that we will complain if they send us poor condition units, so they directly pass it on to our competitors. We never sell units with bends, dents, or dings. Units might have light scratches and/or scuffs. If you would like to know the condition of the specific unit you will receive, please contact us with your configuration as our inventory changes on a daily basis.

    The Apple Mac Pro cylinders are no longer in production by Apple, so it's not possible to find them in new condition. Cosmetically, the units are in excellent condition. We attempt to stock cylinders only in like-new (almost perfect) condition. At most, they will have one or two scratches. If you would like to know the condition of the specific unit you will receive, please contact us with your configuration as our inventory changes on a daily basis. Also, depending on the configuration, some of the units are still covered under Apple warranty. If you would like to know if your configuration will have Apple warranty, please contact us.

    In General:

    • We purchase only from professional, government, and educational facilities. We never purchase individual units from home users because we found the condition to be lower (excess dust / stench of smoke). The companies we purchase always have non-smoking, clean, and air-controlled facilities.
    • All units are examined, tested, and cleaned when they arrive at our location. Once configured, they are tested again.
  • Condition - Components

    Processor: pre-owned
    Memory: new
    Storage: 256GB to 1TB pre-owned; 2TB new
    Graphics Card (part of chassis): pre-owned

    Tower (Original):

    - Processors: pre-owned
    - Memory: new
    - Solid-State Drives: new
    - Hard Drives: new
    - USB 3.0 cards: new
    - Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce pre-owned; AMD RX580 new.

    Pre-owned components - Unfortunately, these components are no longer in production from the manufacturer, so it's impossible to find them new. We acquire our components from professional facilities that part out workstations. 1) They have experience to pull the components correctly. 2) The workstations are acquired from large corporations that maintain equipment very well. We stress test the Mac Pro after completing the configuration.

  • Original Components

    Since you upgrade the Mac Pro to higher performance components, what happens with the original components?

    • Processors - sold to refurbishing facilities
    • Memory - sold to our competitors
    • Hard Drives - sold to our competitors
    • Graphics Cards - sold to our competitors
    • Mac Pro's in poor cosmetic condition - sold to our competitors
  • Chassis - Tower - 2010/11 vs 2012/13

    The architecture in the 2010/11 is 100% identical to the 2012/13. There is no difference internally. The only difference is the year of manufacture. The chassis (case, power supply, logic board, and processor board) are a couple years newer on the 2012/13. If performance is most important for you while maintaining a budget, go with the 2010/11. If you want the absolute latest, go with the 2012/13.

    Please note that regardless of the year, we only acquire systems from larger studios and corporations. The systems are utilized in air-controlled locations and are shut down / put to sleep after hours. Plus, we clean and test each system thoroughly.

  • NVIDIA GTX - Boot/Option Screens

    We work directly with MacVidCards, the creator of the Mac firmware for graphics cards. All our graphics cards are flashed personally by the owner of MacVidCards, and have full Mac OS supprort displaying the boot and option screens.

    iBuildMacs is the ONLY Mac Pro reseller that works directly with MacVidCards. Our competitors, in order to save money and maximize profit, buy their graphics cards from individuals who have stolen early versions of the MacVidCards firmware which may not perform properly. These individuals who have stolen the graphics card firmware from MacVidCards are not able to steal the latest, most compatible version, because MacVidCards has placed passwords on the new firmware. If you make a purchase of a Mac Pro GeForce graphics card off eBay or another Mac Pro seller, you are likely to get a graphics card with an earlier firmware which may show symptoms (artifacts on screen of ports not functioning as they should)

  • Thunderbolt

    Thunderbolt is not compatible with the 2010/12 Mac Pro tower. The PCIe 2.0 slots on the tower max out at 8GB/s. Thunderbolt 2 is 20GB/s. The PCIe slots cannot support the bandwidth of Thunderbolt.

    The 2010/12 Mac Pro tower supports USB 3.0 or USB 3.1, Type-A or Type-C.

    USB 3.0 ports perform at 5GB/s. USB 3.1 ports perform at 10GB/s.

    USB Type-A connection is the standard rectangular USB connection.
    USB Type-C connection is the tiny that Apple has made default on many Apple devices such as the Macbook, iPhone, and iPad.

    Note: USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 have the same physical connection, but are internally different. USB 3.1 Type-C performs at 10GB/s. Thunderbolt 3 performs at 40GB/s. Thus, USB Type-C devices work on a Thunderbolt 3 port. But Thunderbolt 3 devices will not work on a USB Type-C port.

  • SSD vs PCIe SSD

    The Mac Pro drive bays have a SATA2 controller which has a maximum speed of 3GB/s or 300MB/s. The new technology SSDs are SATA3 which have a maximum speed of 6GB/s or 600MB/s.

    SSD on the drive bay performs at 275MB/s.
    SSD on the PCIe slot performs at 550MB/s. Installing the SSD on the PCIe slot allows the SSDs to perform at it's full potential.

  • PCIe Slots

    The Mac Pro tower has four PCIe 2.0 slots. One will be occupied by the graphics card.

Company Information

  • Payment

    1) PayPal - PayPal is our primary merchant because of their excellent customer service - representatives in the USA quickly come to the phone. Also, they offer both Buyer and Seller Protection. Thus, you can feel comfortable that your payment and purchase are protected.

    2) Amazon Pay - If you are a frequent Amazon customer, paying by Amazon may be convenient since you already have your payment and shipping details already stored in your Amazon account. Note that Amazon sometimes automatically declines higher value payments. If this happens, we will send you a notification that a call to Amazon is required to authorize the payment.

    3) Credit Card - PayPal is our credti card processor. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can simply checkout as guest. Select PayPal on the checkout page. Then choose the "Pay with Credit Card or Debit Card" option on the PayPal popup screen.

    4) Check / Wire Transfer - If you would like to save 3% on your order, you can mail us a check or submit a wire transfer. We use Wells Fargo. We typically prepare the order the day after the payment is received. Contact us for the mailing address. We also accept cash if you are local.

  • Build Time

    If all the components part of your configuration are in stock (most cases), we will ship your Mac Pro within 1-2 business days. If a component must be ordered, it can take 4-6 business days. If you are in a rush to receive your Mac Pro, please contact us with your exact configuration and we will provide a more accurate time frame. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you also have the option of picking up your computer from our location the moment it is prepared.

  • Financing

    We do not offer direct financing. We do however accept all PayPal, credit cards, company checks, and government and educational PO's.

    View our financing page to view 3rd party financing options that specialize in business equipment financing.

  • Location

    iBuildMacs is based in Los Angeles, CA -- just a few miles from the intersection of the 101 and 405 freeways near to Sherman Oaks . At this time, we operate as an internet business only, but you are welcome to stop by our location and chat! Without the cost of sales clerks, the monthly rent for a retail facility, and all the associated costs, we are able to greatly reduce our margins on every system we sell. This means lower prices for you. At the moment we are doing quite well in this position, and have no intention of opening a retail facility. It is our primary goal to provide quality systems and great customer service at the fair prices.

    Plus, if you are local in Los Angeles, you are welcome to pick up. For volume orders, we sometimes offer free local delivery.

  • Shipping
    • Apple Mac Pro Cylinder - since it's a recent model, the unit will typically ship with the original Apple packaging. We will also place the original packageing in a larger box, so the Mac Pro will be extra secure.
    • Apple Mac Pro Towers 2010/12 - we use custom double wall 24" x 24" x 13" boxes with custom manufactured foam molded for the Mac Pro.
    • We have shipped thousands of Mac Pro's to many countries across every continent. We are positive your Mac Pro will arrive safely.

    FedEx Ground within the US:

    • West Coast: 1-2 business days
    • Central States: 3-4 business days
    • East Coast: 4-5 business days

    If you would like next-day or second-day air, please contact us for a quote.

    Shipping options to Canada (Tower / Cylinder):

    • FedEx Express (2-3 business days): $200 / $150

    Shipping options to all other countries (Tower / Cylinder):

    • FedEx Express (2-3 business days): Depends on region. See Shipping Rates Table below.

    Shipping Rates Table

  • Sales Tax

    Enjoy your purchase without the additional cost of sales tax. iBuildMacs is located in Los Angeles and is registered with the California State Board of Equalization. However, since we have several competitors nationwide, we cover the sales tax internally to stay competitive within the marketplace.

  • Returns

    Our Apple Mac Pro's with a:

    • 14-day return period - if you are not happy with your workstation(s) for any reason, please contact us immediately. We will work with you to resolve the problem.
    • 90-day warranty period - you can be comfortable with your purchase knowing that in the rare case something happens, we will take care of it. Even after the warranty period, we will be here to assist you. Please see 'Warranty' and 'After Warranty' sections below for more information.
  • Warranty

    Our Mac Pros come with a 90-day warranty period. You can be comfortable with your purchase knowing that if, in the rare case something happens, we will take care of it. Even after the warranty period, we will be here to assist you.

    We acquire our Mac Pros from professional facilities and our components are primarily new. Further, we test our Mac Pro's thoroughly prior to and after the customization. We are confident our Mac Pros will perform fine for years to come. In the rare case there is an issue, it will typically occur within the first day or two of starting to stress the unit. If the unit performs fine for the first few days, it will be fine for years to come. This is because if there is a faulty component installed, it will quickly become apparent. Otherwise, the Mac Pros are resilient systems and will run strong.

    Our competitors install used components, so it is important for them to offer extended warranty periods. If they don't, they will have big problems. For us at iBuildMacs, having a faulty component after 6 months or a year is slim to none.

  • After Warranty

    Whether you purchased a Mac Pro from us a week ago, a month ago, or 2 years ago, we offer phone and email support for the duration of you owning the system. We have a tremendous amount of experience, thus can easily diagnose issues...typically faster and easier than the Apple Store Genius Bar. If your warranty period has expired, we will help diagnose the problem, help locating the replacement component or offer the replacement component directly at cost, and even provide replacement instructions.

    We stand by our product 100%. We sell only Apple Mac Pro's. It's what we deal with all day, every day. When it comes to expertise in the product, other companies cannot compete.

  • Our Beginning

    iBuildMacs was founded in 2012 and was launched in 2014 by Jon Soliemon. Currently, iBuildMacs is a registered S-corporation in California.

  • Track Record

    There are numerous resources you can verify to make sure iBuildMacs is the right choice for you. Start with our customer testimonials. You can also reivew our 3000+ 100% positive feedback on eBay. Or just Google our name...we're confident in the talk you'll find!

  • Volume Orders

    Customizing Mac Pro's in volume can be more time efficient, so we can pass along those savings in the form of a discount. We consider those discounts on a case by case basis. Contact us for pricing if you are ordering 5 or more computers at one time.

    Delivery Times:
    Normally, a volume order does not significantly lengthen our standard 2 to 6 day preparation time. Usually, we request only a few additional days on 10 or more units.

  • International Orders

    International customers are responsible for all brokerage fees, taxes and import duties. iBuildMacs is not involved with determining or collecting those costs. These costs vary by country, so we cannot tell you how much cost to expect. Your local customs agency can provide this information. Your shipping carrier will communicate your final costs for collection just before delivery.

    International customers are responsible for shipping costs for warranty repairs or part replacements. iBuildMacs is proud to be able to offer our Mac Pro's internationally, but the high costs of shipping mean that we can only service other countries to individuals who are willing to accept the potential of these costs.

    The Apple Mac Pro power supplies are manufactured per international specifcations. They are compatible with all international voltages and outlets.

    The power cords we provide are for US style wall sockets only. If you require a different style power plug, you must source that cable locally.


New: Purchased new from an Apple authorized dealer. Never used.

Refurb Grade A: Pre-owned. Inspected, cleaned, tested, and upgraded. Excellent cosmetic condition. Might have a small scratch or scuff, but overall looks great.

Refurb Grade B: Pre-owned. Inspected, cleaned, tested, and upgraded. Good cosmetic condition. No bends, dents, or dings. Will have light scratches and/or scuffs. Nothing severe. We do not purchase units that are in poor cosmetic condition.