2009 5,1 12-Core Mac Pro

Configure Your 2009 5,1 12-Core Mac Pro

  • Processors

    The dual processor Mac Pro includes two 64-bit Intel Xeon 'Westmere' 6-core processors totaling 12 independent processor cores for the ultimate in power and performance. It supports Hyper-Threading which allows two threads to run simultaneously on each core -- so Mac OS recognizes 24 total cores on this model, 12 real and 12 virtual. It also supports "Turbo Boost" which automatically boosts the processor speed based on workload - so if an application is only using 2 of the 12 cores it will automatically increase the speed of the cores in use and turn off the unused cores.


    The dual-processor Mac Pro supports up to 96GB of DDR3 ECC memory in eight slots. Choose more memory to improve overall system performance.

    All memory sets are new.

    PCIe SSD / Flash Storage (Boot Drive)

    Apple produced the Mac Pro with a SATA II (3GB/s) onboard drive bay controller. New SSDs are SATA III (6GB/s). Upgrading your SSD(s) from the onboard SATA II controller to a PCI-Express controller will allow the SSD to perform at full speed; achieving up to double the speed.

    SATA II SSD's (Drive Bay) offer a max theoretical transfer rate of: read 285Mbps, write 275Mbps.
    SATA III SSD's (PCIe) offer a max theoretical transfer rate of: read 550Mbps, write 520Mbps.

    The new 'cylinder' Mac Pros use newer technology flash storage drives. Via a proprietary system, we install the 'cylinder' flash storage drives in the tower Mac Pro. These drives achieve 1350MB/s as a single drive and up to 4000MB/s in striped-RAID configuration.

    Since these drives will be installed on a PCI-Express slot, the 4 drive bays will be free. Thus, allowing the SSD/flash boot drive plus 4x hard drives.

    Hard Drive / SSD - Bay 1 more info

    Your Mac Pro includes four drive bays, allowing you to configure it with up to 24TB of storage using 7200-rpm SATA 3Gb/s drives, up to 8TB of storage using high-performance solid-state drives (SSD), or any combination of each type of drive. Configure each drive bay separately.

    Upgrading your boot drive from a hard drive to a solid-state drive will generate up to 3x faster boot time, 5x faster import/open/saving of large files, and 5x faster application start-up.

    All hard drives and solid-state drives are new.

    Hard Drive / SSD - Bay 2

    Configure the second drive bay with an additional hard drive or solid-state drive.

    Hard Drive / SSD - Bay 3

    Configure the third drive bay with an additional hard drive or solid-state drive.

    Hard Drive / SSD - Bay 4

    Configure the fourth drive bay with an additional hard drive or solid-state drive.


    Configure your Mac Pro with a PCI Express graphics card. The Mac pro supports 3x of lower power consumption graphics cards to support up to 6x displays. Internally, performance grahics cards are limited to one per unit due to power restrictions. To install two or four performance graphics cards, such as the GTX series, contact us regarding our external GPU cluster.

    ATI Radeon HD (Compatibility: Leopard 10.5.8 to High Sierra 10.13)

    AMD Radeon RX (Compatibility: High Sierra 10.13 and Mojave 10.14)

    NVIDIA GTX Kepler (Compatibility: Mountain Lion 10.8 to Mojave 10.14)

    NVIDIA GTX Maxwell (Compatibility: Yosemite 10.10 to High Sierra 10.13)

    NVIDIA GTX Pascal (Compatibility: Sierra 10.12 and High Sierra 10.13)

    NVIDIA Quadro (Compatibility: Snow Leopard 10.6.8 to Mojave 10.14)

    Optical Drive - Upper

    Your Mac Pro comes standard with one 18x double-layer SuperDrive that burns and plays both CDs and DVDs.

    Optical Drive - Lower

    This bay is usually empty. Any of the following can be installed.

    USB 3.0 / USB-C / 10GBe Ethernet

    The Mac Pro comes standard with five USB 2.0 ports, four Firewire 800 ports, and two Gigabit Ethernet ports.

    Enhance your Mac Pro with USB 3.0 (5GB/s), USB-C (10GB/s), and/or eSATA connections for external storage.


    Configure your Mac Pro with an AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi card using 802.11n technology to connect to wireless networks.


    Operating System

    Choose the operating system that best fits your software requirements.


    Apple ultrathin aluminum keyboard.

    Mouse and Magic Trackpad

    Apple mouse.

    $75.00 shipping per unit
    Free local pickup

    Please allow 2-6 business days for preparation.
    See Policies for details.

    $ 1,000
  • Model Identifier4,1 Default
    5,1 (Firmware Upgrade)
    Chassis TypeTower
    Chassis ModelA1289
    Processor ClassModel 4,1 = Intel Xeon 'Nahelem'
    Model 5,1 = Intel Xeon 'Westmere'
    Processor SocketLGA1366
    Base Clock SpeedsDual Quad-Core 2.93GHz
    Dual 6-Core 2.66GHz/2.93GHz
    Memory Slots8
    Memory TypeModel 4,1 = DDR3 1066MHz ECC
    Model 5,1 = DDR3 1333MHz ECC
    Maximum Memory128GB
    Drive Bays4
    Drive ControllerSATA 2 (3GB/S)
    Optical Bays2
    Optical ControllerSATA 2 (3GB/S)
    PCIe ExpansionFour PCIe 2.0
    USB 2.02x Front
    3x Rear
    USB 3.0Optional 4-port
    Firewire 400None
    Firewire 400 to 800 Adapter Available
    Firewire 8002x Front
    2x Rear
    ThunderboltNot Supported
    AudioOne Speaker/Headphone - Front
    One Speaker/Headphone - Rear
    One Optical Audio Out - Rear
    One Optical Audio In - Rear
    HDMIOptional (Graphics Card Upgrade)
    NetworkDual Gigabit Ethernet
    BluetoothBluetooth 2.0
    Power Supply980W
    Operating SystemSnow Leopard 10.6 - Mojave 10.14 (Latest)
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