IBuildMacs cut through all of the noise and confusion around building the optimal Mac for use with Adobe Premiere. They helped me zero in on what I needed, what I didn't, and what to buy from a third party rather than Apple. Highly recommend them.
David McLain, Photographer/Filmmaker at www.davidmclain.com
Adobe Premiere
I received my MacPro in record time (1 day + 2 days of your testing process) and have simply been loving it. The silence e over my old iMac is a dream and of course the speed boost has made working on it wonderful. I must say I am impressed with the international fast shipping (even my import taxes were much less than expected). Now onto my regrets. I only regret I never knew iBuildMacs.com existed 2 years ago when I bought my second low-spec iMac 4K even though a Mac Pro was on my dream list. As a Canadian we are hit hard by our weaken dollar and a Mac Pro up here starts at CAN$3500 and my reconditioned unit from your team is close to CAN$7000 ! So the savings will certainly go into a decent 4K monitor and some new software that would have been outbide my budget. I am thrilled to finally be able to obtain the unit of my dreams that should last me a very long time. Many thanks, Chris
Chris Fugle, Retired-photo enthusiast
Lightroom, Pixelmator Pro, Topaz Studios

After 9 years my 1.1 Mac Pro Bit the Dusk, after some looking around I came across ibuildmacs and decided to order a rebuilt mac from them. From the get go their customer services was on point, they immediately answered any questions I had and made sure I was going to be happy with the computer I was purchasing. Upon receiving my new mac pro, I was back to up and running within 24hours. Plus ibuildmacs threw in an extra 16gb, which was a nice surprise. Thanks ibuildmacs, you saved the day for my business!

Michael, Print / Design at BlackSmith Print & Design
Parallels, Adobe CC, Printer Rip Software

My 2009 iMac was on it's last legs and it was time to look into a new machine. Go to Apple? Nope. They stopped catering to the pros years ago. Build a Hackentosh? Nope, don't have the know how and would rather not rely on forums to explain why the latest update broke everything while I'm in the middle of a project. Go full PC? Not an option. This left me looking into old refurb machines. Old refurbs led me to Youtube and Ebay and somewhere along the line an old Mac Tower seemed the only option. I debated buying the parts and customizing my own but with no one in my personal life I could rely on, that was a scary prospect. Then I found iBuildMacs. A few emails back and forth with Jon and it was clear he knew exactly what I needed. Now with my Mac Tower with 12 cores, 64 GB of RAM, GTX 680, and an SSD Boot drive plugged in thru the PCI-e I'm where I'm supposed to be. Add in the lifetime support that comes with an iBuildMacs purchase and I'm confident this will be my main machine for a decade +. Thanks, Jon!

Steve Wood, Composer at Swoodii Music
Logic/Digital Performer/Spitfire Audio/Best Service/etc
An amazing place to purchase a customized mac pro. After many hours of researching on the web for the best place to buy a 3.46 12 core Hot rod video editing monster mac pro with a GTX 1080. ALL the arrows were pointing towards this site every where else will just ship you the components and let you work it out. When working in the Adobe Cuda world you will need an Nvidia card and they provide all the necessary up to date mac drivers and extra power supply cables to get the best performance. The mac was well packaged and the performance is AMAZING. Can't forget about the great customer service all my questions that were made before and after we're answered professionally. Thanks John
Jose(Strada), Artist,Film,Graphics at GLOBALIMPACTO
Adobe cc cloud

For the longest time, I had been blowing off upgrading my Mac Book Pro Retina and buying a Mac Pro because of the lack of portability and the amount of traveling I was doing. Finally in early 2015, my job was moved from an office to my home where having a stationary tower made all the sense in the world. After doing some research on components and a few back and forth emails with Jon, I finally bought a 2009 Tower. I had so much luck with it, my brother-in-law ended up buying one as well. Recently my hardware has become a bit underpowered for what i've been involved in work wise, so a few emails back and forth with Jon steered me towards a few cost saving methods to update my computer without having to buy a whole new tower. It's not everyday a company recommends you spend 50% less on a better solution than the more expensive one that isn't needed! When the time comes for the new Cylinder Mac Pro, I know where I'll be shopping!

Stephen Lerro, Owner, 3D Animator, Video Producer at K&L Trainz
Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop CS 5.1, Final Cut Pro X, 3D Studio Max

I randomly came across ibuildmacs online looking for anyone to build a custom Mac for my home studio. I came across the site and found the ordering process smooth and easy to understand. A HUGE shoutout to Jon for building me a monster unit for my large production sessions! He was extremely helpful in assisting me with EXACTLY what I needed to make my sessions run as smooth as possible! I would refer ANYONE to this group of geniuses any day! Thanks again Jon! You will be the first to know when I expand my business!

Patrick Garcia, Label Owner and Producer at No Culture Collective
Pro Tools, Native Instruments and Adobe

IBuildMacs came to my attention through Amazon.ca. I have owned a Mac Pro tower (2008) 8 core for 6 years. I was looking for a safe and cost effective way to purchase 32 gigs of ram for my machine. I called Jon and after some discussion I ordered 8 sticks of 4gb ram to put in my computer. I also needed a replacement optical drive for my Mac. I received an extra stick of 4 gb ram at no charge along with 2 free optical drives. Ram installed and works perfectly. Optical drives also installed and work flawlessly. As time goes by I will purchase my next 12 core newer upgraded tower from Jon. I am very happy to have found IBuildMacs and Jon. He is providing honest and knowledgeable service for best machines that Mac ever built.

Chris Raines, 3D Printing
SketchUp Pro

I recently purchased several Apple computers from iBuildMacs. I appreciate the advice I was given and the service I received. The items arrived quickly and were packaged well. I found the staff to be very efficient and very professional, our communication was excellent. A very good transaction. I plan to buy from them again, that is my best testimonial.

Neil Rush, General Dentist
Server for dental office software (Macpractice)

iBuildMacs.com didn't blink an eye when I requested some system customizations to accommodate my audio work and software development. It turns out the special video card I requested has a specific bug when using Sierra - the card needed to see a monitor on the HDMI port. iBuildMacs responded to my customer service request extremely quickly, researched the issue while responding instantly to my e-mails, and provided a direct link to Amazon with a $7 solution within 15 minutes of our first communication. TL;DR - Anytime I buy a Mac Pro, I'm shopping here.

James Slanger, Re-Recording Engineer at Soniqualia Studios

Had a 4 core MacPro desktop from early 2009 that was starting to run a bit slow, and was giving me signs it was time to upgrade. Worked with Jon over the phone to put together a new 12 core machine that would run Pro Tools 12 efficiently, and would have the storage to do simultaneous projects, while not breaking my budget. He was very easy to deal with, and my "legacy" MacPro arrived 5 days after placing the order, packaged very securely. Hooked it up and have been using it for about 3 weeks, almost non-stop. Very happy with the process, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend iBuildMacs to colleagues and friends.

David Cohen, Sound Editor
Pro Tools
I live in Japan and working with Jon to get all the logistics together, not only within shipping but actually configuring my Mac was a dream come true. From day one over email and over the phone, we were able to lock down what I needed. I explained what I`d be using the computer for and he took it upon himself to configure everything that he felt I would need to get the job done. Quick, precise and smooth. Even when we had a small location mishap, he was more than fair by covering half of the cost for delivery. That went far beyond the call of duty and I was very impressed by this action. I would highly recommend contacting Jon at "ibulidmacs" for any and all computer needs. You can`t go wrong! Without a doubt, your experience will be as smooth and well managed as mine!
Jerone Howard, Multi-Instrumentalist / Composer at Round The Clock Studio
Logic Pro, Reason, Tons of 3rd Party software, Waves, East/West, Spectronics, Rob Papen, etc.
Jon at iBuildMacs.com was so helpful from the beginning of the process to receipt of my computer, and even after I received it I had an issue with my software compatibility and he was able to resolve the issue with me with no problem whatsoever. I would recommend anyone who is purchasing a custom Mac to go straight to the website and start building your new system. The customer service there is excellent and the product was top notch.
Steven Kristopher, Singer/Songwriter
Pro Tools HD

My recording studio computer had broken down one terrible morning. After doing some trouble shooting on my own, having a computer consultant friend come by and do more trouble shooting, and then dragging the tower in to the Apple store for the "geniuses" work on it for an hour and a half I was told the logic board is no longer functioning and it's not worth fixing. I had to prepare to drop thousands on a new or refurbished machine. I found iBuildMacs online and began shopping when I decided to call. As a last effort Jon told me to bring in the tower so he could have a look. When I brought it in he went right to work switching out drives, RAM, etc... Handling the computer like no one I've seen before. Within 15 minutes diagnosed the problem as a video card issue, replaced it, installed it and I was on my way back to my studio to get back to work. Brilliant! I consider iBuildMacs a major resource and will continue to give them my business. Thanks!

Mark, Music Production at Trig Media
Logic Pro, iZotope RX

My new Mac Pro Arrived well packaged and I was able to customize it perfectly to fit the Bill for what I do. Jon answered any and all questions in a timely manner and I could not be more satisfied.

Kull Stalder, Security Guard at Private Security Monitors

I have a 2005 MAC Pro and was pleased to find Jon's company, iBuildMacs.com could build a newer, more powerful version of the old "Legacy Machine." I received the new MAC Pro and was very pleased with its performance.

A few months later, powerful summer thunderstorms reeked havoc across the Mid South. A powerful burst of lightning destroyed my new computer's logic board. Working with Jon to obtain a new logic board was very easy and cost effective.

Now, I'm back online up and running again, thanks to iBuildMacs.com commitment to customer service.

....and that's the rest of the story!

Dr. Jon A. Crispin, Faculty at Columbia Southern University
Online Teaching and Creating Instructional Assets

Jon at iBuildMacs.com built me an awesome 12 core Mac Pro. The flash storage is so fast it goes off the charts on Black Magic Disk speed. 1300 mb/s. Scored 30k on GeekBench. Support is awesome... Jon gets back to you right away if you have any questions, and I really love the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 TI graphics. Truly amazing machine. Been telling all my Mac friends. Thanks Jon !

John Svec, Electrician at SevcPhotography
Cinema 4d, Logic Pro, Assorted video editing software.

I'm glad I found iBuildMacs! My new Mac Pro tower is amazingly fast and quiet. It was easy to communicate with Jon when I had questions. He gave me quality advice, and I have made a great purchase for my studio. As I am working with this fantastic new machine, I am thanking Jon for this great service and integrity.

Alek Vila, Recording Artist and Producer at Racing Heart Entertainment
Apple Logic 9 Studio, Arturia V Collection, Final Cut 4 Express

Jon made this a very simple and stress free international transaction. He answered all of my technical questions (after hours) and closed the sale very professionally. He provided a very reasonable International shipping cost, and I received the Mac in five business days from the USA to AUSTRALIA.


Sam Canning, Audio Prodcuction
Pro Tools - Audio Production

A colleague had ordered his Mac Pro from iBuildMacs, so when it came time for me to invest in my own, I chose a seller that I knew was reliable. Jon understands that time is money and he is very responsive and efficient. Not only does he provide excellent support during the buying process, he stuck with me after I had purchased the computer until everything was working exactly as I liked. The computer was within my budget and is working beautifully.

Elizabeth Wadium, Photographer, Cinematographer at E. Wadium Productions
Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects
After 11 years of impeccable service it was finally time to retire my Power Mac G5. I had been planning on upgrading my Mac for some time, but with a tight budget I wasn't really sure where to turn. That's when I discovered iBuildmacs.com. I spoke to Jon Soliemon and he helped me build the Mac I needed for a price that couldn't be beat! When it comes time to make my next upgrade I will be more than happy to do business with the company again!
Sherman Mundey, Filmmaker at Nostalogic Entertainment
Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Aperture

Truly exceptional service and support. iBuildMacs has rescued my business more than once when I needed to find replacement systems for old ones that finally crashed and burned. Reasonably priced, it has supported them and kept them working. I am so grateful that it's around. An incredibly valuable resource, I look forward to doing more business in the near future. I highly recommended the man and his machines!

Paul Hartel, Professional Editor
Avid/Adobe Premiere/After Effects/Resolve and more.
Mister Jonathan Soliemon is a great entrepreneur. I can be a difficult customer as I had specific requests (as Mac Pro with Nvidia, among others). He answered all my questions in a friendly manner - and the delay was mostly not in days, but in hours; he will never tell you as "You don't know - I know" as some computers sellers or propose you an item you don't need. I made a first purchase of a new MacBook Pro with Nvidia (to IBuildMacs, through Amazon); I forgot the keyboard wouldn't be Swiss, but as I can easy access the coding characters, it is really fine! And a second purchase, directly, of a high-end 2012 Mac Pro 5.1. Mister Soliemon proposed me a better SSD configuration, and for the same price - all Apple resellers don't act such! I just can recommend IBuildMacs, (especially their highly configurable Mac Pro 5.1), to anyone who need a specific Mac and knowledgable advices. N. B.: Windows 10 works fine on a Mac Pro 5.1 partition.
Alexandre Courvoisier, Independent databases designer, ex-physics student
FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced, Comsol Multiphysics 5

Needed to get a working MacPro back in service in my studio after my older one died. Jon was very helpful in helping pick the best combination of components for the task at hand that fit my budget and kept me fully apprised of how the build was going once the spec was determined. The machine arrived exactly on schedule and has been working perfectly. All in all, an excellent experience in every way.

Dennis Miller, college professor at Northeastern University
3D rendering/simulation

Jon from iBuildMacs really helped me to find the best options for my needs and budget. He is very knowledgable and answered all my questions in a prompt manner. I originally thought I needed to upgrade to a more expensive cylinder MacPro but he recommended I upgrade my current MacPro tower, so now I have a machine that's nearly as powerful as the top of the line MacPro cylinder but at half the cost. His customer service is also stellar as he helped me to find a workable solution when I had an application compatibility issue with the new video card. I highly recommend doing business with iBuildMacs.

Eric Callero, Editor
Video Editing

I was really pleased with the MacPro that was custom built for me by iBuildMacs. Since I don't know much about computers, it was important to me to have a computer (that I planned to use as a back-up) that was identical to the one I presently own. Everything was delivered exactly as described and performed flawlessly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend iBuildMacs to anyone interested in a Mac Computer.

Antoni Scott, Scientist, Organist
Hauptwerk for Virtual Organ

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